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    Using symmetry as a basis, I derive structure by combining elements from the natural world and science.  I modify these elements digitally, distill a pattern or shape, and then combine them with other elements of a different structure within a process of layering paint in resin.  I try to find the most subtle and interesting way to connect the different layers that will reveal an underlying structure or system.  Slowly as the work evolves, these inner-connections and details begin to form and define the energy and invisible forces that govern the movement of matter, from the microcosmic level of molecules and light particles, to the macrocosmic of planets and galaxies. I view the cosmos as a primordial, all encompassing field within which the illusion of matter is created and dissolved. In this field, particles come together to create complex structures and matter evolves into its maximum state of order. This moment is temporary, a state of transition. The form will subsequently dissolve and the process will begin again. The central images that appear in my work describe this moment of emergence. They are not a representation of actual cosmic phenomena but rather an invented image of an inner mindscape. When attention is directed to the infinite vast field, which contains all of existence in potential, the holographic matrix of the universe is revealed, of which our consciousness is an interwoven part.

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